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Court correctly allocated survivor benefit premiums

Where wife claimed she was not receiving the correct amount from husband’s retirement, the trial court’s order directing that husband reimburse wife for the shortage is affirmed. Background When the parties divorced, husband was vested in the Civil Service Retirement ...

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‘Unconscionable’: Last-minute prenup unenforceable

A prenuptial agreement signed the day before a couple’s wedding was unenforceable because the groom failed to disclose $10 million in assets, the Court of Appeals of Virginia has ruled. The groom argued that the lack of disclosure didn’t matter, ...

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Property settlement controls military pension division

Where defendant husband’s military pension does not include disability pay, Howell v. Howell, 137 S. Ct. 1400 (2017), is inapplicable, and the parties’ property settlement controls the pension division. Howell held that under federal law, a military retiree who opts ...

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Virginia Court of Appeals – Unpublished decisions affirmed per curiam

Domestic Relations The appellant forfeited her appeal of the trial court’s award of attorney fees to appellee because she did not include a transcript or statement of facts for the hearing on the matter. A transcript is indispensable to resolve ...

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