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Ending support to cohabitating party not unconscionable (access required)

Where the ex-wife was receiving spousal support while habitually cohabitating with another person “in a relationship analogous to a marriage for one year or more,” Code § 20-109, the trial court erred by reducing the support award instead of terminating ...

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Court declines to end spousal support obligation (access required)

Even though wife’s receipt of an inheritance was a changed circumstance, the trial court properly concluded that it did not warrant ending husband’s spousal support obligation. Facts The final divorce decree awarded wife $800 per month in permanent spousal support. ...

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Property classified correctly in equitable division (access required)

The trial court correctly ruled that husband’s postseparation employment earnings were transmuted into marital property and properly classified a trading account as marital property. Background The parties were married in 2000. They separated and reconciled several times. The last separation ...

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