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Wife sanctioned for violating property settlement agreement (access required)

A wife who twice violated terms of a property settlement agreement was sanctioned by the court.  A third sanction was vacated, however, because it was a criminal contempt sanction in what the circuit court maintained was a civil contempt proceeding. ...

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Husband’s stock sale could not be traced to purchase of marital property (access required)

Where a husband and wife purchased a farm and constructed a home on the property shortly after their marriage and the husband was unable to demonstrate that the proceeds from the sales of stock he had held before the marriage ...

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Fees awarded after second divorce action nonsuited (access required)

Where plaintiff wife nonsuited her 2003 divorce action, her nonsuit of a 2018 divorce complaint against the same defendant husband will be treated as a second nonsuit, entitling defendant to costs and attorney fees under Code § 8.01-380(B). Facts Plaintiff ...

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No jurisdiction in divorce case to issue custody order (access required)

The court lacks jurisdiction to enter a child custody order due to the residency of the parties and their child, and because this court has not previously entered a custody order in this divorce case. Background Plaintiff father and defendant ...

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