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Husband’s inheritance became marital property (access required)

Where husband received an inheritance and wrote checks to wife, which she deposited into her own account, the inheritance became marital property. Further, handwritten documents husband submitted do not reflect a contractual agreement that husband gave wife money in exchange ...

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Husband’s business correctly included in property division (access required)

Appellant’s accounting business, which he started shortly after the parties were married, was correctly included in the marital estate. Further, the court correctly applied a statutory presumption that the valuation should be made based on the hearing date, rather than ...

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Recalculation of money owed under amended PSA approved (access required)

Where this case was remanded to recalculate money due to appellant under an amended property settlement agreement, appellant’s failure to initially appeal the expert’s methodology made that methodology the law of the case. Appellant’s argument that the trial court must ...

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Retroactive child support calculation needs modification (access required)

The trial court’s rulings and orders in connection with the parties’ final decree of divorce are, for the most part, affirmed. The court’s calculation of retroactive child support due from husband must be modified. The court considered spousal support, which ...

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Wife awarded percentage of extra retirement benefits (access required)

Where the parties’ divorce settlement provided that wife was entitled to a fractional share of husband’s 10-year retirement plan, the fractional share applies to additional amounts husband accrued when he worked three years past the retirement date contemplated in the ...

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