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Wife properly granted future support reservation (access required)

Where the trial court granted wife a reservation to seek future spousal support, the record does not support husband’s claim that the reservation was incorrectly granted because wife’s “desertion and cruelty” was responsible for destroying the parties’ marriage. As an ...

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Retroactive child support award is mandatory (access required)

The trial court erred by not awarding retroactive child support because the applicable statute requires that child support liability be calculated from the date the proceeding commenced. Wife challenges the effective date of the court’s child support order. “[T]he trial ...

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Protective order is no bar to joint custody (access required)

Divorce Decree FEA

Even though a father had a protective order in place against the mother, a circuit judge still was within his discretion to order joint legal custody of the divorced couple’s child, the Court of Appeals has ruled in a case ...

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Judge backs doctor in bid to keep mental records private (access required)


A Fairfax County judge has sided with a clinical psychologist who declined to turn over a teen’s mental health records in response to a subpoena in the parents’ divorce case. The psychologist said disclosure before a custody hearing could cause ...

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Contempt order against wife for failure to pay is affirmed (access required)

Where a wife asserted multiple challenges to the trial court’s order holding her in contempt for failure to make payments to her former husband, the circuit court possessed the jurisdiction to enforce its final order and issue further orders and ...

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