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Motion for reunification therapist correctly denied (access required)

Where the court entered a final order regarding custody, visitation and support after finding that father “continued ‘to scuttle the process,’” of the court’s efforts to repair father’s relationship with the parties’ children, the court correctly denied father’s motion filed ...

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Distribution was contingent on future circumstances (access required)

Where the circuit court offset the equitable distribution monetary award to husband against wife’s spousal support award, based on the court’s assumption that wife would otherwise be due 14 years of support, this had the effect of impermissibly conditioning the ...

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Increased income did not warrant support modification (access required)

Where the trial court denied husband’s motion for reduced spousal support because wife acquired a job, the trial court properly determined that this was not a material change in circumstances that warranted modifying husband’s support obligation. But the trial court’s ...

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Protective order denial was final order for appeal (access required)

Where the circuit court overruled the juvenile and domestic court’s decision not to issue appellee a protective order, the JDR court’s decision was a final order for appeal purposes. As a result, appellant’s argument that the circuit court lacked jurisdiction ...

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