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SCV: Jury should have heard from both valuation experts

In a takings dispute as to the damage value to the remainder property, the trial court erred in excluding only the government’s appraiser, when the property owner’s expert’s opinion was admitted without a superior basis. Background In 2014, the Commissioner ...

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WDVA: Landowners helping tree-sitters held in contempt

Farmers held to be working in concert with anonymous people in trees for the purpose of blocking construction of a pipeline, in violation of a prior order of the court, are in contempt of court and subject to fines. Background ...

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WDVA: Tree-sitters in contempt, ordered to come down

Coles, Red, and Minor Terry were held in contempt of court for interfering with the Mountain Valley Pipeline’s use of easements of which it had been granted immediate possession. Red and Minor were given approximately one day to come down ...

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WDVA: Immediate easement possession for pipeline co.

This court’s order of Jan. 31 granting Mountain Valley Pipeline immediate possession to numerous easements in the construction pathway of a FERC-approved pipeline was conditioned on its first presenting sufficient additional evidence that satisfies the constitutional requirements of eminent domain. ...

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Condemnation split company’s property into separate parcels – $9,500,000 Settlement

Higgerson Buchanan is a multi-faceted construction company, established in 1946, and located in Chesapeake. It operates from a 207-acre intermodal facility located between Dominion Boulevard and the Elizabeth River. Higgerson uses its large acreage in several integrated ways. It operates ...

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Housing authority’s appraisal was not just compensation, jury rules – $3,756,250 Verdict

Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority condemned a 50,000 square foot parcel of land at the corner of Killam and 39th Street in Norfolk, originally offering the property owner $2,080,000 as just compensation for the property. The land acquired by the ...

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