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Prevailing employer awarded more than $4,800 in costs  (access required)

Although an employer that prevailed in a bias suit brought by a former employee could not recover its private process server fees, appearance/travel/postage costs associated with depositions or expedited hearing transcripts, it was nevertheless awarded more than $4,800 in costs, ...

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Teacher’s claim of sexual harassment by student proceeds (access required)

A special education teacher can go forward with a hostile work environment claim against a school board on allegations that a student touched her genitals and lifted her dress in front of a class and that the sexual contact was ...

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County employee terminated for performance, not disability (access required)

An Arlington County employee who was terminated during his probationary period failed to show his disability was the reason for the termination or that he was subjected to a hostile work environment. The evidence showed he was not meeting the ...

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Capital One failed to promote employee for legitimate reasons (access required)

An employee’s interview performance for one position and her lack of qualifications for a second were the reasons she was not promoted to either of the two positions, rather than her age or race. Background This employment discrimination matter arises ...

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Failed retaliation claim doesn’t revive discrimination claim (access required)

Where a professor failed to timely file a discrimination claim against a university, he cannot reopen the time for filing the discrimination claim by filing a retaliation claim based on an email in which the university simply reiterated its refusal ...

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Contacting EAP is not ‘protected activity’ under ADA (access required)

The employee’s calls to the outside employee assistance provider concerning his mental health issues did not constitute protected activities under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, or ADA, because he was not opposing a practice made unlawful by the ...

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