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Disabled employee’s claims headed to trial (access required)

Disputed evidence on whether an employee who struggles with mobility could have performed her job without extensive travel, whether the employer lacked a reasonable belief she could engage in such travel and whether she was terminated because of her disability ...

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Waiting period for suits by fed workers starts with complaint (access required)

4tth Circuit Seal FEA

The 180-day waiting period for federal employees to file a discrimination lawsuit begins upon filing an initial complaint; not after each subsequent amendment, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled. In a matter of first impression, the court ...

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School’s acts were not adverse employment actions (access required)

A woman’s assertion that her supervisor at VCU made several derogatory remarks about African-American women during a meeting was insufficient to support her discrimination and retaliation claims because she could not establish that the university’s actions, such as giving her ...

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Refusal to sign agreement sinks Title VII claim (access required)

The court agreed that Winchester Medical Center did not discriminate or retaliate against its former nursing director, finding there is no adverse employment action when an employer declines to pay discretionary severance benefits because a terminated employee refuses to sign ...

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Job dissatisfaction won’t back constructive discharge (access required)

A woman’s ADA discrimination and retaliation claims against Fairfax County failed because she could not show she suffered an adverse employment action. There was no evidence she was forced to leave her job nor had she been singled out for ...

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Officer waited too long to assert Rehab Act claims (access required)

The dismissal of a parole officer’s discrimination claims was upheld, because they were filed under the Rehabilitation Act, which is governed by the two-year statute of limitations in the Maryland Fair Employment Practices Act rather than Maryland’s three-year statute of ...

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Denial of overtime could be adverse employment action (access required)

A woman’s loss of an opportunity to earn overtime, which was a significant portion of her earnings, could be an adverse employment action sufficient to support a claim for retaliation, and her hostile work environment and retaliation suit is remanded. ...

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