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Dicta on sexual orientation discrimination is suspect (access required)

Dicta from the Fourth Circuit that Title VII doesn’t cover discrimination based on sexual orientation is questionable, but the plaintiff failed to plead sufficient facts to state claims against Virginia Tech. Background Brian Jones, who is openly gay, began working ...

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Court dismisses discrimination and retaliation claims asserted by doctor (access required)

A medical doctor alleges his employer discriminated and retaliated against him. The court held the complaint alleged only discrimination on the basis of immigration status, which is not a protected class. It further held the complaint did not plausibly allege ...

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Former school supervisor’s can sue for equal pay (access required)

Former school supervisor established a prima facie case of equal pay discrimination, when compared to her predecessor and successor, requiring jury to assess the School Board’s reasons for pay disparity. Background Debra Colley was employed by the Dickenson County School ...

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WDVA: Despite firing harasser, employer could be liable (access required)

A plaintiff’s hostile-work-environment claim against his employers can proceed to trial. The plaintiff presented evidence of severe and pervasive harassing conduct based on sex, with no response by their supervisor. Despite firing both the harasser and the supervisor, the defendants ...

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WDVA: Complaint served 227 days post-filing can proceed (access required)

As amended in 2015, Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 4(m) doesn’t require dismissal of a complaint served late, even with good cause not shown. Here, extending the service deadline better served the interests of justice, since it wouldn’t prejudice the ...

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EDVA: Spouse-plaintiffs proceed to consolidated discrimination trial (access required)

The plaintiff, a former executive, survives summary judgment on several claims arising from her treatment by the company’s CEO during and after a volatile intimate relationship involving threats and abusive behavior. Her husband’s separate claim for Title VII retaliation can ...

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