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Poor attendance was cause for termination (access required)

Where a former state government employee alleged she was terminated because of her race or religion, but there was a documented history of attendance and timeliness issues across multiple years and multiple supervisors, the employer prevailed on the discrimination claims. ...

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Supervisor’s hugs, touching not assault and battery (access required)

Where an assistant store manager allegedly hugged or touched an employee 10 times over a three-month period, and kissed her when she returned to work after surgery, he lacked the intent required for assault and his conduct did not amount ...

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Tax franchisor’s former in-house counsel can represent plaintiffs (access required)

Where Liberty Tax, the tax preparation franchisor, failed to show that the confidential information its former in-house counsel obtained during his six-year tenure was substantially related to the issues in the case, its motion to disqualify him was denied. Background ...

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Company’s effort to disqualify employee’s counsel fails (access required)

Where the company moved to disqualify counsel representing an employee in her civil rights case because it was representing a co-defendant in a separate case involving the company’s successor corporation, the motion was denied because there was no actual or ...

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