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Officer waited too long to assert Rehab Act claims (access required)

The dismissal of a parole officer’s discrimination claims was upheld, because they were filed under the Rehabilitation Act, which is governed by the two-year statute of limitations in the Maryland Fair Employment Practices Act rather than Maryland’s three-year statute of ...

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Denial of overtime could be adverse employment action (access required)

A woman’s loss of an opportunity to earn overtime, which was a significant portion of her earnings, could be an adverse employment action sufficient to support a claim for retaliation, and her hostile work environment and retaliation suit is remanded. ...

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Refusal to hire hearing-impaired applicant not ADA violation (access required)

An employer who did not hire a hearing-impaired man as a shipyard pipefitter was granted summary judgment based on evidence that the ability to hear alarms and announcements was essential, that pipefitters are subjected to high noise activities and that ...

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Ex-prosecutor’s employment suit is rejected (access required)


A former prosecutor who claimed she was unlawfully fired from the Carroll County commonwealth’s attorney’s office has had her federal employment lawsuit tossed out of court. Colette M. Wilcox, who now practices in Bristol, alleged her wrongful termination hurt her ...

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Removal from government contract was not religious discrimination (access required)

The court granted defendant’s motion for summary judgment on the plaintiff’s religious discrimination claims because there was no evidence the defendant’s conduct was because of the plaintiff’s religion. Background Ann Bender was an employee of a private corporation (SAVA), working ...

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Unauthorized use of personnel files not ‘protected’ (access required)

The unauthorized inspection and copying of personnel files by a sheriff’s office employee in support of her discrimination claim was in violation of a valid, generally-applicable state law prohibiting such conduct and did not constitute “protected activity” sufficient to support ...

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Title VII doesn’t protect illegal collection of evidence (access required)

4tth Circuit Seal FEA

An employee cannot break the law in order to collect evidence in support of a workplace discrimination lawsuit, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled. Judge Diana Motz, writing for a unanimous panel, said that for an employee’s ...

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Claim not barred by release agreement (access required)

Although an employee signed a general release agreement, the employer was not entitled to summary judgment because there is dispute whether the agreement provided rights more beneficial than under the law. Background James Tolle filed this employment discrimination action under ...

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