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N-word use prompts hostile environment claim (access required)

The court found an employee’s claims that her supervisor’s use of the N-word, together with evidence of race-based comments and conduct, supported a hostile work environment claim, but that the conduct and mistreatment were not so intolerant as to support ...

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Former teacher brings bias claims against school board (access required)

Although some claims against a school board were dismissed, a teacher alleged facts sufficient to infer she was the victim of race and age discrimination. Background Dannetta Spellman has filed an amended complaint in which she alleges the School Board ...

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Production of documents waived privilege (access required)

Because a school superintendent’s production of documents waived the right of privilege on records produced before a certain date, a former employee claiming gender-based wage bias may review them. Background In this action by a former public school employee claiming ...

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Onerous provisions removed from FLSA settlement (access required)

Employees settled Fair Labor Standards Act claims regarding overtime pay after the court required removal of “unreasonable” provisions on confidentiality and liquidated damages. Background On July 14, 2015, plaintiff Wayne Brockman filed his initial complaint against defendants Keystone Newport News ...

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Former employee pleads claim for FMLA retaliation (access required)

Plaintiff’s termination shortly after taking FMLA leave plausibly pleaded a claim for FMLA retaliation. Background Snipes began working for the jail authority in 2005. Snipes supervised several other employees, received employee evaluations demonstrating that he was a commendable employee and ...

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Failure to exhaust remedies prompts dismissal (access required)

Where a plaintiff  failed to exhaust his administrative remedies, to timely file his complaint and to properly plead claims, his complaint is dismissed. Background Plaintiff is a 46-year old African-American man who suffers from osteoporosis in his hips and sleep apnea. ...

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