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Manager selection based on leadership, not gender (access required)

Where a female employee alleged Walmart did not select her as the photo lab manager because of her gender, the record showed the successful male candidate had prior management and leadership experience, while she did not. Background Beatrice Quirk, a ...

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‘Conspicuous’ jury waiver enforced against ex-employee (access required)

Where the former employee alleging race bias and retaliation signed an agreement at the inception of his employment that contained a “conspicuous” jury waiver, had an opportunity to consult with counsel and the parties’ bargaining position was not too disparate, ...

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‘Paranoia,’ not race, prompted school’s action (access required)

Where a teacher’s emails accused a co-worker and students of participating in a “coordinated effort” of taking unauthorized pictures and raised conspiratorial beliefs about surveillance by school employees, he was placed on administrative leave and required to undergo a fitness ...

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