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How to talk to your employer if you’re nervous about going back to work


Most of Virginia entered Phase 2 of the governor’s plan to reopen the commonwealth on June 5. Though many essential workers have already been upholding grocery stores, banks and hospitals, a whole slew of Virginia’s workforce is getting ready to ...

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Salesperson’s unpaid commission claims reinstated (access required)

Where a salesperson alleged IBM defrauded him by “capping” his sales commissions despite allegedly representing they would not be capped, his claims for fraud, unjust enrichment or quantum meruit were not foreclosed by disclaimer language in which IBM reserved its ...

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PTO did not discriminate or retaliate against ex-employee (access required)

The Merit Systems Protection Board, or MSPB, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission did not err in upholding the dismissal of plaintiff from the Patent and Trademark Office. The plaintiff failed to exhaust his administrative remedies or did not engage ...

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Company response forecloses hostile environment liability (access required)

A viable hostile work environment claim based on a co-worker’s conduct requires facts showing the employer knew, or should have known, about the harassment and failed to take action to stop it. Here, because the complaint alleged Best Buy successfully ...

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Complaint, 109 pages long with 29 counts, against university dismissed (access required)

A 29-count suit filed by a disgruntled doctoral candidate at Liberty University was dismissed because there was no indication the plaintiff’s gender played any role, university policies and handbooks did not create a contractual relationship, the university did not owe ...

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Restaurant ordered to pay overtime and attorneys’ fees (access required)

Where a former waiters’ assistant, busboy and janitor established that an Arlington restaurant did not pay him overtime, the waiter was awarded overtime wages and an equal amount in  liquidated damages for a total of $5,724. The restaurant was also ...

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State agency sued for bias by employee from Togo (access required)

The plaintiff, an African American immigrant from Togo, successfully alleges that although he had “the most seniority” and was “the most qualified,” the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, or VDACS, promoted a white woman to a supervisor position. ...

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