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No treble damages under Overtime Wage Act (access required)

A demand for treble damages under the Virginia Overtime Wage Act was rejected after a federal judge found that recent amendments applied retroactively. Judge Raymond A. Jackson of the Eastern District of Virginia limited the claimant’s relief to damages available ...

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Collective action approved in medical management OT suit (access required)

Where a medical management nurse showed that that she was similarly situated to other medical management nurses working at the defendant’s location, at a similar employment level and whose primary job duty was conducting medical necessity reviews, a collective action ...

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Multiple claims by former civilian employee dismissed (access required)

Where a man challenged various employment actions taken against him while he served as a civilian employee for the federal government, his multicount complaint was dismissed because the court lacked jurisdiction over some of the claims and the remaining claims ...

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Change to Overtime Wage Act applied retroactively (access required)

Where the Virginia General Assembly amended the Virginia Overtime Wage Act on July 1, 2022, to eliminate the availability of treble damages, that change was procedural and thus applies retroactively. Background On April 29, 2022, Gwendolyn Meharg sued Harmony on ...

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Employment discrimination claim survives demurrer (access required)

Where an auditor presented evidence to a county school board of alleged wrongdoing by “senior leadership,” her claim against the board under the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act goes forward. The board’s demurrer is overruled. Plaintiff “sufficiently alleges facts sufficient ...

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Certification denied in overtime collective action (access required)

Where loan processors and loan officers moved for conditional certification of their collective action alleging they were denied overtime, but their own allegations showed that all potential class members were not similarly situated and their claims turned on their individual ...

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