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Tipped employees could sue employer for minimum wage violations (access required)

Where servers and bartenders at a restaurant were routinely required to spend significant portions of their time as tipped employees performing both related and unrelated non-tip-producing tasks, they could sue their employer for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act ...

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Defamation, due process suit against superintendent proceeds (access required)

A school superintendent who allegedly insinuated the former Chief Technology and Information Officer, or CTIO, engaged in dishonest conduct will face claims for defamation and denial of due process for failing to provide the employee a hearing before the information ...

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More findings needed in unemployment benefits case (access required)

Where the Virginia Employment Commission denied plaintiff unemployment benefits because her employer discharged her for doing inaccurate work, the case is remanded for further proceedings. It cannot be determined from the record whether plaintiff’s acts or omissions were a willful ...

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Termination claim relied on inapplicable regulations (access required)

A private health care provider’s demurrer to a public-policy wrongful termination claim is granted because the administrative regulations plaintiff relies upon apply only to state-operated facilities. Background Plaintiff Tomes was a regional manager for defendant Encompass, a licensed home healthcare ...

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Counselor’s termination after abuse was constitutional (access required)

The termination of a child counselor at a city-run juvenile detention center following a physical abuse incident did not violate the counselor’s due process rights because the counselor was given the opportunity to address the allegations against him in a ...

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CFO discharged five months after filing complaint stated retaliation claim (access required)

A CFO who was terminated five months after filing a complaint with the Office of State Inspector General alleging financial wrongdoing by the executive director could proceed on his claims of retaliatory discharge, but he failed to show that any ...

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