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Class conditionally certified in FLSA overtime suit (access required)

Where call center workers submitted declarations to support their claims that a company-wide policy required them to work before the start of their shifts, through unpaid meal breaks and after their shifts ended, their motion for conditional certification was granted. ...

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Class conditionally certified in FLSA ‘rounding’ suit (access required)

Where plaintiffs alleged their employer underpaid hourly employees by rounding time entries, and offered affidavits showing they worked the same or similar hours, performed the same or similar duties and operated the same or similar equipment as all putative subclass ...

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Supplemental notice by mail to potential class allowed (access required)

Where the court previously allowed plaintiffs asserting claims for unpaid overtime to send notices to potential class members via U.S. Mail, but the response rate has been significantly below typical opt-in rates, the plaintiffs can now send reminder notices by ...

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‘Lost and irreplaceable’: Employee sanctioned over spoliation (access required)

Destruction of evidence concept

A federal court has sanctioned an employee who deleted electronically stored information, or ESI, from his former employer’s computers after receiving a litigation hold letter when he was fired for starting a competing company with several co-workers. Judge Roderick C. ...

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Nationwide FLSA overtime class conditionally certified (access required)

Where employees of a waterproofing company alleged they were misclassified as independent contractors, and the Virginia-based plaintiffs alleged that this practice was not limited to Virginia, the court conditionally certified a nationwide class under the Fair Labor Standards Act, or ...

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