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Crime-scene investigator can’t testify on cause of death (access required)

Where the plaintiff in a wrongful death case offered a former police chief/crime-scene investigator to testify that the decedent did not die from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, but he lacked knowledge, training or experience in medical science or forensic pathology, ...

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Government may proceed in consumer protection suit (access required)

Where defendants sued for violating federal and state laws while administering “immigration bonds” for indigent consumers facing deportation moved to quash subpoenas sent to non-parties, their motion was denied. The subpoenas properly sought information to “fully understand” the defendants’ financial ...

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Hearsay statements allowed in trial of conspirator (access required)

Where an ISIS member participated in a conspiracy that resulted in the 2014 deaths of hostages in Syria so that they were unavailable for criminal proceedings, out-of-court statements by the decedents were permitted under the forfeiture by wrongdoing hearsay exception. ...

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Audit of plaintiff’s business practices excluded at trial (access required)

Where an auto parts warehouse distributor sought to introduce a presentation by plaintiff, an automotive parts supplier, that discussed the results of the supplier’s annual audit of its business practices at trial, the presentation was excluded because the audit evidence ...

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‘Highly surveilled nation’: Judge denies geofence warrant in first-of-its-kind decision (access required)

Police officer investigating digital evidence

A judge has denied a request from the Fairfax County Police Department to issue a “geofence” search warrant in a motel shooting case. Such a warrant would allow a police department to request for Google to list any cellphones active ...

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