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Tag Archives: Evidence

Court limits discovery in pharma antitrust suit

Where two pharmaceutical companies accused of violating antitrust laws sought discovery from new plaintiffs who recently joined the suit, the magistrate judge limited the requests to those topics that were relevant in the long-running suit and proportionate to the companies’ ...

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Court resolves discovery dispute in real estate suit

Although a company sued for allegedly breaching an agreement sell a 26-acre parcel of land raised numerous objections to discovery requests propounded by the plaintiffs, including that they were overbroad, irrelevant, vague and unclear, the court largely required it to ...

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Experts can’t provide subjective interpretations

Where companies who are litigating whether commercial lease conditions relating to the construction and operation of a fitness club were breached, experts will be precluded from providing their subjective interpretations of the lease terms. Those opinions touch directly on interpreting ...

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Crime-scene investigator can’t testify on cause of death

Where the plaintiff in a wrongful death case offered a former police chief/crime-scene investigator to testify that the decedent did not die from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, but he lacked knowledge, training or experience in medical science or forensic pathology, ...

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