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Scope of experts’ testimony at condemnation trial is clarified (access required)

In a trial over damages for land taken for an easement required for construction of a natural gas pipeline, the landowners’ expert may testify about the high demand for residential subdivisions, but cannot testify about the stigma attached to pipelines, ...

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Expert and evidentiary issues resolved before construction trial (access required)

Disputes over expert testimony and other evidentiary issues were resolved in advance of a trial over damages arising from the construction of a bridge over Interstate 81. Background This matter is before the court on the seven pretrial motions submitted ...

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Bonding company ordered to produce contested documents (access required)

In a case involving a company that posts bonds for those being held in immigration detention centers while they await court cases, disputes over the scope and sensitivity of discovery requests were resolved. Background This matter comes before the court ...

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Trademark use and protection efforts key in infringement suit (access required)

Documents and information about third-party trademark use and CFA Institute’s efforts to protect its marks are relevant in a trademark infringement suit against the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries, although the discovery requests must be limited for proportionality ...

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Testimony critical of patient’s life care plan admissible (access required)

Where a registered nurse criticized the plaintiff’s life care plan, her testimony was allowed because it did not require a physician’s review, concerns of prejudice were mitigated by the bench trial and her methodology was sufficiently reliable. Additionally, where the ...

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Evidence properly admitted in gang-crime prosecution (access required)

A high school student’s interview in his associate principal’s office that included the associate principal, a police detective and a school resource officer acting as the student’s translator was not a custodial interrogation, so no Miranda warnings were required. His ...

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