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4th Cir.: Intervenor’s claim to seized cash not plausible (access required)

A man alleging that $200,000 found in a storage unit was his life savings did not have standing to claim it in a civil-forfeiture proceeding, as his financial difficulties contradicted his ability to save such a sum. Background In 2014, ...

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4th Cir.: Warnings expert properly excluded (access required)

A plaintiff’s proffered warnings expert could not be qualified on the basis of his own personal reasoning, and the plaintiff’s failure to read appropriate warnings defeated her design-defect allegations. Background Appellant Deborah Meek Hickerson sustained serious internal injuries in a ...

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SCV: Pediatric expert wrongly disqualified (access required)

The circuit court erred in granting summary judgment against a plaintiff whose only expert as to both standard of care and causation was wrongly excluded. The expert should have been permitted to testify because she met both the knowledge and ...

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SCV: Speculation on decedent’s reasoning inadmissible (access required)

The daughter and sister of a woman who died due to surgery complications lacked personal knowledge as to whether their mother knew of alternatives to surgery or whether she would have elected such alternatives had she known. Background In 2011, ...

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SCV: Expert testimony didn’t show causation in med-mal suit (access required)

The plaintiff’s medical expert, who was preferred only to opine on the standard of care in performing a hysterectomy, could not present testimony on whether and how the patient’s outcome would have been different had the defendant called for a ...

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4th Cir.: Officer’s history of excessive force admissible (access required)

An officer’s conviction for injuring an arrestee was affirmed, in part because the officer’s past conduct toward individuals he perceived as disrespecting law enforcement was probative of his state of mind during the events giving rise to the crime. Background ...

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