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Reduced income warrants lower support payments (access required)

Where husband’s income from his chiropractic practice has declined, this is a material change in circumstances that justifies a reduction in his support payments to plaintiff wife. Background Dr. Wichin, upon reaching full retirement age and experiencing a reduction in ...

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Medical group can sue insurer for unpaid bill (access required)

Where the court has previously ruled that a healthcare provider has a private right of action under a statute that requires medical insurers to pay for emergency care without prior authorization regardless of whether the provided emergency services are in-network ...

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Defendant not excused from community service requirement (access required)

Although the court has the discretion to dismiss defendant’s case even though he has not completed the required 100 hours of community service, the court will instead extend the time for completing community service by six months. Background Defendant was ...

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Partnership records demand must state proper purpose (access required)

A limited partner’s demand to inspect partnership records must state a proper purpose for doing so. Overview Plaintiff is a limited partner of defendant Arrowhead Apartments. Plaintiff petitioned to inspect partnership records after becoming concerned about declining profitability, mismanagement and ...

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HUD landlord’s unlawful detainer claim dismissed (access required)

A subsidized housing landlord’s unlawful detainer action to evict a tenant is dismissed because the notices required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development were deficient. Further, the indigent tenant was not required to post an appeal bond ...

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