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3-year-old special needs child died on school bus — $1 million verdict (access required)

Type of action: Wrongful death of a three year old on school bus Injuries alleged: Death by positional asphyxia Name of case: Sabiani v. Fairfax County School Board Court: Fairfax Circuit Court Case no.: CL 2020-12938 Name of judge or ...

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Some counterclaims survive demurrer in defamation case (access required)

Where defendant was sued for defamation and has asserted counterclaims, some claims survive plaintiff’s demurrers while others are barred by the statute of limitations. Background In the underlying suit, filed on March 1, 2019, plaintiff John C. Depp sued defendant ...

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Lifetime sex offender registration order bars gun ownership (access required)

Where petitioner was convicted of a sex crime that requires him to permanently register as a sex offender, the requirement precludes the restoration of his firearm rights. Background After a plea-based conviction of taking incident liberties with a child, petitioner ...

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Temporary injunction to bar foreclosure denied (access required)

Where defendant has moved for a temporary injunction to bar plaintiff’s foreclosure action, the motion is denied. Defendant is not likely to succeed on the merits because the action was timely filed. Background Defendant Thoburn Limited Partnership, by a deed ...

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Reduced income warrants lower support payments (access required)

Where husband’s income from his chiropractic practice has declined, this is a material change in circumstances that justifies a reduction in his support payments to plaintiff wife. Background Dr. Wichin, upon reaching full retirement age and experiencing a reduction in ...

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