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Noncompete clauses too broad, violate public policy (access required)

Restrictive covenants in defendant doctors’ employment contracts with plaintiff cannot be enforced because they are too broad and violate public policy. Overview Plaintiff Metis Group was under contract with the U.S. Army to provide psychological services. Defendant doctors, Allison and ...

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Defendant received effective assistance (access required)

Where petitioner argues he received ineffective assistance of counsel, the petition is a “reiteration” of arguments presented in his denied motion to reconsider his sentence. As a result, the petition is denied. Petitioner Darman argues that counsel’s performance during sentencing ...

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Lawyer died after heat stroke in fitness center – Confidential terms (access required)

Plaintiff’s decedent was a 72-year-old internationally known lawyer. An avid athlete, decedent would routinely end his day by using the fitness center’s steam shower. While using the steam shower one evening, decedent became ill and ultimately unconscious. Decedent was found ...

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