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Fairfax County Circuit Court

Sep 22, 2022

Ambiguity ruling deferred until trial

Where the court must address whether the parties’ contract is ambiguous but is not “fully confident” how an exhibit relates to a section of the contract, the court will defer a ruling until trial. Explanation needed “Seller Eisiminger wants the Court to interpret the Agreement as an unambiguous contract that is essentially a simple algorithm. […]

Sep 1, 2022

Forum selection clause valid despite fraud claim

Where plaintiff alleges defendant misappropriated plaintiff’s leadership materials, plaintiff’s claim for fraudulent inducement of a contract does not defeat a forum selection clause that requires litigation of fraud and misappropriation of trade secrets in a Maryland court. Background Boxer Advisors had a federal government contract and subcontracted with SBI to provide “leadership developm[...]

Sep 1, 2022

Contract claim sustained, fraud counterclaims dismissed

Where the buyer of a firearms business only paid a portion of the sales price, the seller prevails on a breach of contract claim. The buyer’s counterclaim for fraud is dismissed with prejudice. Statement of the case “Before the Court is Plaintiff’s Second Amended Complaint asserting Breach of Contract (Count I), Reformation of Contract (Count […]

Aug 25, 2022

Suppression of evidence from warrantless search granted

Even though the police had probable cause to search and seize defendant’s vehicle, there were no exigent circumstances to excuse the need to obtain search and seizure warrants. Background A witness told police that a vehicle struck a pedestrian who had fallen in the roadway. The vehicle, described as a black Hummer, drove away. Detective […]

Jul 28, 2022

Sanctions upheld in protective order matter

Where petitioner sought a protective order in the JDR court after respondent received a summons for speeding while the parties’ daughter was in the vehicle, the JDR court’s denial of petitioner’s oral motion for a protective order is upheld on a motion for reconsideration in the circuit court. Respondent’s motion for attorney fees is granted. […]

Jul 28, 2022

No appeal of preliminary protective order denial

Where appellant seeks to appeal  the general district court’s denial of preliminary protective orders, the circuit court lacks appellate jurisdiction because there is no final order in this matter. Not final “When the Circuit Court exercises its appellate jurisdiction in a de novo appeal from General District Court, an appeal of right exists from any […]

Jul 25, 2022

Eave overhang immaterial to adverse possession claim

Where the court previously ruled that the boundary line between the parties’ property is defendants’ fence, which is on land defendants obtained by adverse possession, the fact that a roof eave on plaintiffs’ shed overhangs the fence does not defeat the adverse possession claim. Further proceedings to determine a new boundary line are not necessary. […]

Jul 25, 2022

No right to withdraw jury sentencing demand

Where a criminal defendant demands jury sentencing, there is no statutory right to revoke the request. The exception to this rule is the situation in which a defendant makes an early demand for jury sentencing and then decides to revoke. Revocation is permitted if it occurs more than 30 days before trial, see Code § […]

Married couple with child
Jul 25, 2022

Romantic restrictions provisions void

A Virginia circuit court has ruled that provisions in a property settlement agreement, or PSA, which regulated introduction of the parties’ romantic partners to their child were unconstitutionally vague, void as against public policy and unenforceable. Judge David Bernhard of the Fairfax County Circuit Court said “[f]or the Court to incorporate in its order that […]

Jul 19, 2022

Convictions obtained by unlicensed prosecutor valid

Where the commonwealth’s attorney prosecuted defendant’s case while her license was suspended for not paying bar dues, a defense motion to set aside the guilty verdict is denied. A conviction obtained by an unlicensed prosecutor will not be voided unless the prosecutor engaged in improper conduct and the conduct denied the defendant a fair trial. […]

Lawyer and judge in courtroom
Jul 18, 2022

Absence of prejudice: Conviction secured by unlicensed prosecutor OK

In a case of first impression, a Virginia circuit court has upheld a felony conviction secured by a prosecutor who was unlicensed during the trial. After reviewing similar decisions from other jurisdictions, Judge David A. Oblon of the Fairfax County Circuit Court found that all but one held that dismissal is not required in a […]

Jul 1, 2022

Woman injured by intoxicated driver, required colostomy — $4.2M verdict

Type of action: Auto accident Injuries alleged: Tears of the colon and ileum; morel-lavalee seatbelt traction injury; fractured transverse process at C1, L2, L4 and L5 and broken rib Name of case: Vera v. Algie Court: Fairfax County Circuit Court Tried before: Jury Date resolved: 4/11/2022 Special damages: $573,000 in past medical bills; $125,000 in […]

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