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Some statements actionable as defamation by implication (access required)

Where plaintiff, John C. Depp, claims defendant, Amber Heard, defamed him in a Washington Post op-ed, three of the four complained-of statements are actionable under a defamation by implication theory. Background Plaintiff’s defamation claim arises from four statements in an ...

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Sworn oral agreement enforceable as court order (access required)

Where the parties swore in open court that their agreement, as recited by counsel, was “full,” “final” and “total,” the court will treat the proposed order, which tracks the hearing transcript, as a final, enforceable order once it is entered. ...

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$1.7 million awarded on unjust enrichment claim (access required)

Where plaintiffs and defendants were guarantors of a defaulted loan, and plaintiffs funded the settlement with the lending bank, defendants are liable to plaintiffs for $1.7 million on an unjust enrichment theory. Background The Coves, the Wallens and the Blacks ...

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Noncompete went too far to limit employees (access required)


Saying businesses have no right to put an “impermeable barrier” around employees and contractors, a Fairfax circuit judge has rejected an action to enforce broadly written noncompete and nonsolicitation clauses. The ruling could open opportunities for medical professionals and others ...

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No personal liability in dirt-dumping case (access required)

Where plaintiff alleges that defendant trucking company breached a contract by dumping excessive amounts of dirt on her property, the trucking company’s owner cannot be held personally liable for damages. Further, under the “source of duty” rule, plaintiff cannot maintain ...

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Record partially sealed in nonsuited divorce case (access required)

Where wife filed a “salacious” divorce complaint, which she nonsuited after it was revealed the parties were already litigating a Florida divorce and custody action, husband’s motion to seal the record is granted in part. Overview Although the parties had ...

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Vehicle correctly classified as autocycle in HOV case (access required)

Where defendant was convicted in district court for driving his autocycle in a high occupancy vehicle lane, the commonwealth did not violate the Supremacy Clause by classifying his vehicle as an autocycle rather than a motorcycle, which can be operated ...

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