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Owners enjoined from parking truck on property (access required)

After receiving notice to remove a truck from their property, defendant provided insufficient evidence that he successfully converted the truck from an impermissible commercial vehicle into a permissible recreational vehicle. As a result, an injunction will issue compelling defendant to ...

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Divorce decree unaffected by California divorce order (access required)

A divorce decree entered by this court is unaffected by a California court’s divorce order that ended the marriage of plaintiff and his first spouse, even though the California order was entered after plaintiff married defendant but made nunc pro ...

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Judge tags dentist $140K for deleting evidence (access required)


In a court battle in which one dentist is suing another for defamation and for firing him, a circuit judge has ordered the defendant dentist to pay $140,554.65 in attorneys’ fees and costs for deleting digital records requested in discovery. ...

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Inverse condemnation suit proper in circuit court (access required)

Plaintiff may file his inverse condemnation claim in circuit court without first presenting it to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. Code § 15.2-1248 does not make presentation to the county supervisors a requisite before filing in circuit court. Moreover, ...

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Firefighter promotion policy changes cannot be grieved (access required)

The Fairfax County executive properly determined that firefighter captains are not entitled to invoke grievance procedures to challenge changes to county policies governing promotions and filling vacancies in the Fire and Rescue Department. Overview In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ...

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Separate property not subject to distribution (access required)

Where the parties’ antenuptial agreement is ambiguous, the court determines, after considering extrinsic evidence, that the agreement is best understood as barring equitable distribution of the parties’ separate property brought into, and acquired during, the marriage. This includes any gain ...

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No jurisdiction for defamation claim against UK newspaper (access required)

Plaintiff, a solicitor in the United Kingdom and a California resident, has not demonstrated how this court can assert personal jurisdiction over his defamation claim against the Daily Mail, a UK newspaper, arising from matters occurring in the UK involving ...

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