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Guardian required for incapacitated person’s divorce (access required)

A power of attorney agent may not maintain a divorce action on behalf of the principal. The Uniform Power of Attorney Act expressly grants guardians the power to change a ward’s marital status. Overview The parties married in 1993. They ...

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JDR court’s dismissal on merits was final order (access required)

The circuit court has jurisdiction over this matter concerning a minor child because the JDR’s dismissal on the merits was a final order, thus permitting the circuit court to assume jurisdiction. Final order Initially, the court must decide whether this ...

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No guardianship where living father still has legal custody (access required)

A minor child’s maternal grandparents cannot be appointed as the child’s guardians because her father is alive and has legal custody of the child. Overview Petitioners are the maternal grandparents of a 15-year-old child whose mother died in 2012. She ...

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‘Wife’ of 18 years barred from getting pension (access required)

Even though a couple married and lived together as husband and wife for 18 years, the wife cannot collect on her deceased husband’s nearly $722,000 pension because – unbeknownst to her – the husband had never divorced his previous wife. ...

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Lawyer is disqualified in complex divorce case (access required)

A Reston lawyer has been sidelined from representing a husband in a contentious and complicated Loudoun County divorce action because of his prior representation of a former friend of the husband. The husband accused the former friend of having an ...

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