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Facing the hiring squad (access required)


Two Virginia judges up for new terms on the bench faced scrutiny from legislators over their own personal issues and disputes at a recent interview session. A circuit judge was quizzed about a complaint raised by his ex-wife’s lawyer. A ...

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Recent legislative changes on spousal support law


By Anne L. Roddy There are three important takeaway points for domestic relations lawyers from recent legislation – two bills from the 2018 General Assembly session and one from Congress: If you want spousal support to be non-modifiable, state that affirmatively in your agreements. Effective ...

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Assembly to fund all authorized judgeships (access required)


After a decade of intentionally unfunded Virginia judgeships, the state will have money to fill all authorized bench seats by July of next year. The General Assembly has agreed to a budget that would fund all 435 trial court judgeships ...

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Governor signs bill raising felony theft threshold

(AP) Gov. Ralph Northam has signed legislation that will soften the penalties for people caught stealing smaller-dollar items. The Democratic governor announced April 4 that he’d approved a bill that raises the state’s felony theft threshold from $200 to $500. ...

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Change in support possible at retirement (access required)

Divorce Decree FEA

A divorced spouse paying support to an ex should have a better chance for a retirement age adjustment under a proposal advanced by the Virginia Family Law Coalition and approved by the General Assembly this year. The idea now awaits ...

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