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Hang it up (access required)


Virginia lawmakers have moved one step closer to completely banning driv­ers from using mobile devices. On Feb. 5, the House passed House Bill 874, which would prohibit motorists from using cellphones and other hand­held devices while driving and would penalize ...

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Measure may spur lawyer-doctor conversations (access required)


Faced with heated opposition from medical providers, a trial lawyer-backed proposal to force doctors to cooperate with personal injury lawyers seems headed for the shelf in favor of negotiations on a voluntary cooperation agreement. More than half of 69 trial ...

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Bill seeks ban on holding phone while driving (access required)


Lawmakers are pushing to ban the use of cellphones while driving in Virginia. Current state law prohibits reading or typing messages on a personal communications device while driving. However, holding a cellphone is legal, except while driving in a work ...

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Lawmakers push bills on tenant rights (access required)


The late fee that a landlord could charge a tenant would be capped at 5% under a bill now pending before the 2020 General Assembly. The measure is one of several aimed to reform housing policies and strengthen tenants’ rights. ...

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