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Tag Archives: Health

Staying active this fall

It seems as though staying active is just a bit easier during the summer. Even chores such as mowing the lawn and washing the car can be enjoyable when the weather is warm. But physical tasks can become significantly more ...

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The importance of a healthy routine

Most of us can recall the routines our parents implemented in our childhood. When we were younger, we woke up at a specific time, did our homework right after school, ate dinner at a regular hour, had playtime, took a ...

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Summer wellness tips to try this season

Summer has officially arrived. The turn of the new season often comes with backyard barbecues and trips to the beach. Given some, er, unexpected events that 2020 has brought on (we don’t have to go into the whole worldwide pandemic ...

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How to talk to your employer if you’re nervous about going back to work

Most of Virginia entered Phase 2 of the governor’s plan to reopen the commonwealth on June 5. Though many essential workers have already been upholding grocery stores, banks and hospitals, a whole slew of Virginia’s workforce is getting ready to ...

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The 5 steps of habit building

According to a study by Duke University, habits account for about 40% of human behavior every day. That means roughly half of people’s daily activities are performed almost the same ways each and every day. Our lives consist of habits ...

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