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What a Way to Go (access required)

Lewis Grizzard, the late Atlanta Journal & Constitution columnist who was sometimes lauded as the Mark Twain of the New South back in the 1980s, was a funny man. He published 25 books, with titles such as “If Love Were ...

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Just for Kicks (access required)

Kickball. If you loved it as a child, you don’t have to stop. You can keep on whaling away at that ball and dashing around the bases, even though you may have grown up. In fact, kickball is just one ...

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Fluff Piece (access required)

Our legislature spent months in overtime before finally putting together a budget. Our legislature spent time considering just what vanity license tags it could approve when it could have been, oh, putting together a budget. Our legislature debated whether to ...

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Sizing up the Henrico jail (access required)

(AP) The West Virginia filmmaker who documented his decline during a steady diet of fast food spent 23 days behind bars and discovered inmates are not all bad guys. Morgan Spurlock, the suffering star of “Super Size Me,” checked into ...

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One Mighty Cat (access required)

There’s a crime-fighting hero in Gotham, and it’s not the stud in the tight black suit and bat cowl. It’s Fred the Cat. According to the Associated Press, Fred the Cat was part of an undercover sting in Feb-ruary to ...

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A Richmond Idol (access required)

Virginia has long enjoyed a high profile on reality television. Step in the Wayback Machine to 2000, when “Survivor” started the current run of the genre. Front and center was Rudy Boesch, the ex-Navy SEAL from Virginia Beach, who made ...

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