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Seriously bad move, dude (access required)

People lie about their ages. Take it as one of the certainties, like death, taxes, etc. But if you’re going to do it, do it believably. Take this tale from up in Stafford County. According to the local sheriff, a ...

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Truth in retirement (access required)

It’s just not as much fun to be a Democrat in the General Assembly as it used to be. In fact, lately the Dems have found what it was like to be a Republican in the General Assembly for about ...

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The Gag Rule in Delaware (access required)

Bill Johnston, a lawyer in Wilmington, Del., just became president of the Delaware State Bar Association. Johnston is no stranger to the Old Dominion, graduating in 1982 from the Washington & Lee University law school in Lexington. His claim to ...

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Have it Your Way? (access required)

The summer has been (thankfully) unusually cool, so it’s not surprising that cooler heads have prevailed. Then again, to paraphrase Jack Palance in “City Slickers,” summer ain’t over yet. Want a sure sign that things are heating up? Here’s the ...

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Oh, what a feeling! (access required)

This must be the week for stories involving problems with Toyotas. A working gal down in Panama City, Fla., heard about a company contest. Sell the most of one of our products in our local stores during April, and you’ll ...

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