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Happy campers (access required)

Summertime. And the living is, for the most part, easy. While most high-school kids were scooping ice cream, flipping burgers or lolling on the beach, in late June, 24 Loudoun County students got a week-long crash course in trial practice ...

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You say tomato, I say marijuana (access required)

Picture this scene of bucolic splendor. Farmer in Middlesex County is out in his fields, lovingly tending his tomato vines and otherwise communing with nature. [Cue the “Ride of the Valkyries” music from “Apocalyse Now”]. Helicopter enters the picture, the ...

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Eyes on the prize (access required)

Several of Virginia’s law librarians were among the northern lights shining in Minneapolis at the annual convention of the American Association of Law Libraries July 14 through 19. Donna Bausch of the Norfolk Public Law Library received one of two ...

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How things get started (access required)

Many a real estate lawyer revels in being known as just a “dirt lawyer.” In fact, they like that title as much as a kid likes playing in a mud puddle. Well, our colleagues at our sister paper in the ...

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And they call it…chicken love (access required)

That big, honkin’ 8-foot concrete chicken near Smith Mountain Lake isn’t going anywhere. The chicken’s owner, Joe Altadonna, is taking an appeal to Franklin County Circuit Court over the county zoning board’s decision to remove his statue. In the meantime, ...

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The dog ate my lawyer (access required)

When man bites dog, it’s news, they say. How about when dog bites lawyer? Last month, up in Philly, the feds were trying Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino on racketeering charges. The trial came to a grinding halt when one of ...

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