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Shake Your Booty? (access required)

Deadbeat parents are being given the boot in Virginia, so to speak. Starting this month, the state is hoping to embarrass parents delinquent in paying their child support by using baby blue and pink “boots” to immobilize their cars. (Given ...

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Wild Things. You Make My Heart Sing. (access required)

You’ve seen it, and so have we: A statewide bar group holds its annual meeting, and inevitably, one of the seminars has the title of “Current Developments about Legal Stuff,” or something equally scintillating, indicating that the presenters were thrown ...

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Gotta Love That Slogan (access required)

A California attorney had her name show up in the Fullerton Yellow Pages under, um, “Reptiles.” Linda Ross’ phone number, which used to belong to a business called “Reptile Show,” is apparently what got her the erroneous listing in the ...

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It's a Family Affair (access required)

Practicing law can be a family affair. Somebody must buy those “Future Lawyer” bibs you can get in the baby stores, after all. Here’s a quick look at the clips across the state, inspired undoubtedly by the most recent announcement ...

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Useful Information to File Away Dept. (access required)

This item isn’t necessarily legal, unless, you have some animal, or perhaps a client, you need removed from your law office. There’s a guy in Bristol who calls himself the “Kritter Gitter.” His mission: resolving dilemmas like poisonous snakes in ...

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Breaking away (access required)

The fallout from the just-finished merger of Reed, Smith, Shaw & McClay with Hazel & Thomas in Northern Virginia and D.C. is apparently beginning. Four lawyers have moseyed over to Walsh, Colucci, Stackhouse, Emrich & Lubeley P.C., which has a ...

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