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Nice Doggy (access required)

Here’s one for the advertising committee over at the Virginia State Bar. Lawyers in other states routinely are cited for over-the-line advertisements. In Massachusetts, for example, about 10 years ago some guy advertised that you could “turn your crash into ...

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Uncloaked (access required)

The author of a sassy blog about the federal judiciary, “Underneath Their Robes,” is no longer cloaked in mystery, and it turns out it’s a federal prosecutor. The writer of the Web log, which had humorous references to judges as ...

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Last call (access required)

(AP) What more can you say about an item that has the headline, “Drunk moose stir trouble at Swedish old people’s home”? Over in Stockholm, they rarely have problems with drunks or rowdy animals, but residents of an home for ...

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Only in the Sunshine State (access required)

(AP)Here’s one that could only happen in Florida. Down in Fort Myers, a woman has been arrested for padding her bra – with a stolen rare parrot. Jill Knispel, 35, is facing felony charges after hiding a Greenwing parrot in ...

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Nice pants (access required)

Note to potential criminals: It doesn’t pay to wear those really baggy pants that some younger people find fashionable. Just ask the guy in Michigan, suspected of stealing discs from a video store, who was tripped up by his baggy ...

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Five for fighting, plus med-pay (access required)

We’ve long suspected as much: Professional hockey players are actually coached to come out swinging. And we don’t just mean their sticks. That suspicion has been confirmed in, of all places, a workers’ comp case from the Virginia Court of ...

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