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Varmints at the Door! (access required)

We were trying to figure out a way to pay tribute in this column to the late, great Roy Rogers, who passed away on July 6, but it just wasn’t happening. He wasn’t a lawyer, so we couldn’t run an ...

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Varmints at the Podium! (access required)

The heat wave toward the end of last month brought forth grumbles from Lawrence J. Fox, keynote speaker for the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Conference July 21 in Richmond. Fox, who lives in Philadelphia and serves on the American Bar ...

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Varmints in Print! (access required)

Some lawyers are really bad writers, as any number of judges can attest, after slogging through miserably phrased briefs and memoranda. Boston lawyer Bob Perry has won an award as worst writer in America, but he meant to do that. ...

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Pickett's (Under)Charge (access required)

Last week, we kept you updated on the struggle over a Confederate battle flag between the state of Minnesota and a Roanoke-based descendants’ group trying (unsuccessfully) to get the flag, lost at Gettysburg, back. The title of the item says ...

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There's always a first time… (access required)

We’ll wrap “Hearsay” this week with an item about hearsay per se. Litigators trying to get hearsay evidence into federal court know they have to find some exception in the Federal Rules, like the “excited utterance” exception, or the “present ...

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