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The One That Didn't Get Away (access required)

Picture this: Up in Dodgeville, Wis., a pastoral scene unfolds. A guy named Dan Droessler is hanging out on Twin Valley Lake in a canoe, dangling one foot in the water and dreamily counting dragonflies or clouds or something like ...

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And No Broccoli Allowed on Premises (access required)

Here’s one you may not have heard about, but the feds are about to rename another government landmark sitting here in Virginia. No doubt you remember that last winter, Congress renamed Northern Virginia’s National Airport after the Gipper. “Ronald Reagan ...

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Smoke 'em, if you got 'em (access required)

Big Tobacco is on the run in Congress, but Fairfax County is still Marlboro Country, sort of. The county has backed away from a proposal to hire only non-smokers, or at least to give them preference on job applications. County ...

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Slaw Review (access required)

Hold onto your hats, traditionalists. Ponder this: Gourmet barbecue. Persimmon wood-smoked meat. Legume-based sauce. Our readers are getting creative in their submissions to the Virginia Lawyers Weekly barbecue search. A source who asked to remain anonymous said that when secretaries ...

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Norfolk-Portsmouth Edition (access required)

In his last speech as president of the Norfolk & Portsmouth Bar Association, Howard Martin paid tribute to–what else?–barbecue, and he took some, uh, ribbing for it. Readers may recall that Martin used his President’s message column in the March/April ...

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