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Virginia is proper venue for defamation claim (access required)

Where plaintiff claims that the Virginia defendants, an individual and a corporation, defamed him on Twitter and that defendant Twitter Inc. negligently allowed the posts to remain on its social media platform, Virginia is the proper venue for all claims. ...

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E-cigarette battery exploded in man’s pocket – $615,500 Settlement (access required)

Plaintiff purchased from defendant an e-cigarette, a charger for the e-cigarette, and re-chargeable lithium-ion MXJO batteries. Plaintiff had the e-cigarette in his left pocket and a spare MXJO battery in this right pants pocket. The spare MXJO battery exploded like ...

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CBD and THC-A oils approval properly granted (access required)

The Virginia Board of Pharmacy’s decision to approve Dharma Pharmaceuticals as a dispensary of CBD and THC-A oils was neither arbitrary nor capricious. A motion to dismiss New Age Care’s appeal of the administrative decision is granted. Ruling “The Court ...

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Doctor prevails in shoulder dystocia case – Defense Verdict (access required)

During a delivery on May 16, 2003, the defendant, an obstetrician and gynecologist, encountered a shoulder dystocia. In response, the defendant performed various delivery maneuvers to safely deliver the plaintiff including the McRobert’s position, suprapubic pressure, Rubin’s, and delivery of ...

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Woman suffered back injury in wreck with student – $1.3 Million Verdict (access required)

On May 27, 2015, Kimberli Vida, 50, was a back-seat passenger in an SUV driven by her husband when they were struck on East Ridge Road by an SUV driven by defendant, Sarah Farney, who pulled out from Freeman High ...

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Late pedestrian’s family settles with driver pre-suit – $400,000 Settlement (access required)

On Oct. 27, 2016, at roughly 6:50 a.m., the decedent, who was in dark-colored cloth­ing, was walking across Quioccasin Road at the intersection of Quioccasin and We­stridge Road in Henrico County. At the location of the incident, there is no ...

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Five equal pieces (access required)


A three-year family fight over owner­ship of a matri­arch’s home in the Rich­mond suburbs may be starting over now that the Supreme Court of Virginia has ordered a new trial. The court reversed a Henrico County judge’s decision to ex­clude ...

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Testing for rare genetic mutation not standard of care – Defense Verdict (access required)

Patient died fol­lowing one cycle of FOLFOX che­motherapy after a diagnosis of Stage IIIB colon cancer. It was later deter­mined that patient had a rare genetic mutation that af­fected his ability to metabolize 5-FU, the active agent in FOLFOX. Adminis­trator ...

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