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BIA erred when it interpreted ‘unambiguous’ rule (access required)

Where a regulation requires the Department of Homeland Security, or DHS, to notify an applicant of the need to provide biometrics, such as photographs and fingerprints; provide the applicant with a biometrics notice; and provide instructions for producing biometrics, the ...

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‘Prosecution witnesses’ is not a particular social group (access required)

Where a Honduran man argued that he should not be removed from the United States because his status as a “prosecution witness” would result in threats to his life or freedom in Honduras, the claim failed because that social group ...

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Applicant granted remand not entitled to attorneys’ fees (access required)

Where a district court directed the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, to adjudicate the plaintiff’s naturalization application within 45 days and retained jurisdiction to hear the case if the agency failed to comply, the plaintiff did not qualify ...

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BIA’s interpretation of ambiguous phrase given deference (access required)

Where the term “relating to obstruction of justice” is ambiguous about whether an ongoing or a reasonably foreseeable proceeding must be obstructed, the court deferred to the reasonable interpretation of the Board of Immigration Appeals, or BIA. Background Jean Francois ...

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USAG opinion on authority of immigration judges abrogated (access required)

Where former U.S. Attorney General Sessions opined that immigration judges and the Board of Immigration Appeals, or BIA, lack authority to administratively close cases, but his opinion was at odds with the plain meaning of the regulations and the government ...

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BIA’s ‘excessively narrow’ nexus analysis improper (access required)

Where the immigration judge focused on why a Honduran gang targeted the petitioner’s family, rather than petitioner herself, that was wrong. Because the record showed that the gang leveraged her familial relationship to her husband, as well as their familial ...

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