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All-risks policy doesn’t cover COVID business losses

Where an all-risks policy excluded coverage for “infectious and contagious disease,” it did not provide coverage when a resort was forced to reduce in-person services because of closure orders issued as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Background Ida Cason ...

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Wife’s claim for husband’s life insurance benefits denied

Where a man failed to convert his employer-provided life insurance to an individual policy after his employment ended, the claim administrator did not err in denying the claim. Although the beneficiary argued the deadline should be equitably tolled because the ...

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Stolen cryptocurrency not covered by homeowner’s policy


The theft of more than $170,000 worth of cryptocurrency wasn’t a “direct physical loss” covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy, according to the Eastern District of Virginia. Judge T.S. Ellis III wasn’t surprised that the parties couldn’t cite any Virginia ...

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