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Photographer’s copyright infringement claims survive motion to dismiss (access required)

The owner of a company argued she could not be held liable for alleged copyright infringement because the allegedly infringing actions were committed by her limited liability company. The court held, however, that the plaintiff pleaded sufficient facts to plausibly ...

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Cybersquatting defendant must transfer domain to plaintiff (access required)

The plaintiff demonstrated the defaulting defendant violated the federal Anti-Cybersquatting Protection Act. Background On July 24, 2018, plaintiff brought an in rem action for cybersquatting and trademark infringement against defendant FractalAnalyticsPro.com. . The clerk of court entered default on Oct. ...

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No jurisdiction over Russian national’s website (access required)

Record companies failed in their attempt to sue a Russian national who owns and operates two websites the plaintiffs allege are used for music piracy and copyright infringement because the defendant did not purposefully avail himself of the benefits and ...

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Plaintiff entitled to return of stolen domain name (access required)

The court adopted the magistrate judge’s report finding a corporate plaintiff established that it owned the stolen domain name, which was unlawfully transferred by the defaulting defendant. Background Blackshore Properties Inc. filed this civil action against two defendants: John Doe, ...

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Owner of LLC faces liability for alleged infringement (access required)

The court held the complaint stated a plausible claim for individual liability against the sole owner of an LLC because it alleged, “upon information and belief” that she engaged in conduct sufficient to impose liability. Background Plaintiff is a photographer ...

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Post-trial dispute in doorskin case resolved (access required)

Following the jury trial in a dispute between a doorskin manufacturer and purchaser, there continued to be disputes between the parties over the terms of their supply agreement, requiring the court to issue declaratory relief. Background This matter is before ...

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Real estate-related patent ineligible for patent protection (access required)

A patent that provides a prospective buyer or renter automated entry to properties through a lockbox or door lock in conjunction with other devices was simply automation of a human, manual process that was patent-ineligible as an abstract idea. Background ...

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Important Opinions January – December 2018 (access required)


The “Important Opinions” that appear each week on the front page of Virginia Lawyers Weekly are those chosen by our editors as the most likely to impact law practice or a given subject area of law. Below is a listing, ...

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