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Tag Archives: International Law

EDVA: New SCOTUS ruling doesn’t bar torture claims (access required)

Claims against a U.S. military contractor for its involvement in abuse of Abu Ghraib prison detainees can proceed and are not affected by the U.S. Supreme Court’s April decision in Jesner v. Arab Bank PLC. Background This civil action arises out ...

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4th Cir.: No combatant immunity for Taliban defendant (access required)

A Taliban fighter’s conviction for conspiring and attempting to destroy a U.S. helicopter in 2009 was subject to the rules of non-international conflict under the Third Geneva Convention, and accordingly U.S. courts could adjudicate and review it. Background Appellant Irek ...

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WDVA: Father must return child to Canada (access required)

A mother successfully petitioned for the return of her eight-year-old son. The parents had joint custody in Canada, but the child’s father unilaterally brought him to Roanoke to protect him from the effects of his mother’s extreme drug abuse. Background ...

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4th Cir.: Court could hear U.S. contractor suit against Korea (access required)

This appeal arose from a contract dispute between Appellee BAE Systems Technology Solutions & Services Inc., a U.S. defense contractor, and Appellant Republic of Korea and its Defense Acquisition Program Administration. BAE sought a declaratory judgment that it had not ...

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EDVA: Abu Ghraib abuse suit proceeds against contractor (access required)

Nearly 10 years after the action was first initiated, and following numerous motions for reconsideration and interlocutory and direct appeals, plaintiffs asserting claims under the Alien Tort Statute can proceed to discovery against a contractor whose employees allegedly abused and ...

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