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Jury to decide if surgeon defamed other surgeon

Where one cardiothoracic surgeon allegedly stated that another cardiothoracic surgeon “misread” or “failed to recognize” the findings on the patient’s echocardiogram before beginning surgery, a jury will decide if the statements were false. Background A cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Barbara L. ...

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Record showed defendant ‘maintained’ drug premises

Where the sentencing guidelines provide for a two-level enhancement where the defendant maintains a premises for the purpose of drug distribution, and the record showed the defendant’s access to and control over a house and the drug distribution business operating ...

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Undisclosed evidence not ‘material’ to defense

Although South Carolina failed to produce three pieces of evidence during the defendant’s murder trial where he was convicted and sentenced to death, because the undisclosed evidence was not material, his habeas petition was denied.  Background Marion Bowman was convicted ...

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Employee’s racial bias claim can go forward

Where the former employee of an educational program for at-risk adolescents alleged that he was treated differently than white employees, and included specific factual allegations of the different treatment, that was sufficient to state a claim for race discrimination. Charles ...

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