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Tag Archives: Judge Barbara Milano Keenan

Company liable for damages caused by tainted eyewash

Where a company sued for allegedly providing contaminated eyewash argued that sophisticated purchasers would not reasonably assume it was the manufacturer, because it was listed on the eyewash bottles only as a “distributor,” that argument failed. The eyewash bottle and ...

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Court must explain reason for special conditions

Where the district court imposed special conditions on a man convicted of numerous child pornography crimes, including lifetime computer, adult pornography and video game bans, but it failed to provide a particularized explanation for the special conditions, it must do ...

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First impression: Exigent circumstances supported warrantless cell phone ‘ping’

Exigent circumstances supported a warrantless request to a cellphone provider for a “ping” of the defendant’s cellphone, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court has held in a matter of first impression. Prosecutors had argued the man’s violent criminal history and armed ...

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Exigent circumstances support warrantless ‘ping’ of cellphone

Where the defendant’s former girlfriend told police he had broken into her home, was armed and threatened to kill her, her family or law enforcement; the police found her credible; and the defendant had a violent criminal history, exigent circumstances ...

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West Virginia ballot-order statute is constitutional

Where a West Virginia statute governing the order in which candidates’ names appear on state election ballots was neutral and nondiscriminatory, and any modest burden on the Democratic Party’s rights was justified by the state’s interests in promoting efficiency and ...

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Taxpayers lack standing to challenge county cash assistance program

Where two Maryland taxpayers alleged a Montgomery County cash-assistance program that pays residents, including foreign nationals in the country without documentation, violates a federal statute that prohibits undocumented persons from receiving state and local benefits, the suit was dismissed because ...

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