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Guilty plea vacated due to magistrate judge’s error

Where the magistrate judge failed to advise the defendant of his potential exposure to a 15-year mandatory minimum sentence by pleading guilty to possession of a firearm by a felon, and the defendant demonstrated there was a “reasonable probability” he ...

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Defendant’s threat of ‘manhunt’ for officers supported warrant

Where the defendant made a series of online threats against police officers generally, as well as threats that he was on a “manhunt” for three particular officers, the search warrant was adequately supported. And where he failed to establish that ...

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Officer denied qualified immunity after shooting in victim’s home

Where police shot at a man 29 times in his dwelling after officers armed with assault rifles entered the home with a warrant to search for drugs and failed to identify themselves as police,  the facts showed an officer’s use ...

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Company president not personally liable for judgment

A company president is not personally responsible for a multi-million dollar judgment because he was never personally named in the complaint. However, the president might be liable for sanctions because of his conduct during the discovery. Background In December 2010, ...

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Sentence enhanced over conviction for accessory before armed robbery

A defendant properly received a sentencing enhancement under the Armed Career Criminal Act, or ACCA, because his prior state convictions for common law robbery and accessory before the fact of armed robbery both qualify as violent felonies. Background In 2009, ...

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