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Tag Archives: Judge Bradley B. Cavedo

Nominating deadline extended due to COVID-19 orders

Where Code § 24.2-510 requires political committees to complete their nominations by the second Tuesday in June, and executive orders issued in response to the COVID-19 pandemic make it unlikely that plaintiff can hold a timely nominating convention, the court ...

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Plaintiff claimed doctor injured urinary duct – Defense Verdict

Plaintiff underwent sigmoid resection surgery by defendant surgeon for acute diverticulitis. Plaintiff alleged that the defendant negligently transected her ureter, the urinary duct between the kidney and bladder. Plaintiff’s experts opined that the defendant should have identified, and if necessary, ...

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Virginia Tort Claims Act used in defamation suit – $125,000 Verdict

Plaintiff alleged in a complaint filed pursuant to the Virginia Torts Claims Act that a report published online by a state agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia in March 2013 defamed her. The jury found that the defendant had committed ...

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