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Boot’s functional features don’t suggest single source

Timberland boots have an iconic look that has been copied by numerous competitors. That didn’t stop a federal court from upholding the USPTO’s denial of an application seeking registration of several specific features of one of its boots as a ...

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Trademark infringer still liable years later

Even though a cybersecurity company stopped selling goods online using an unregistered mark years before a competitor registered a similar mark, its continued use of the mark online subjected it to liability for trademark infringement. Judge Claude M. Hilton of ...

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Defendant infringed on company’s trademark

Where GoSecure owns the mark GOSECURE and operates in the cybersecurity space, a man was liable for trademark infringement for using GOSECURE on his website, blog and Twitter account, all of which contained information about cybersecurity services and goods. Background ...

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Plaintiff sanctioned for ‘multiple’ Rule 11 violations

Where the plaintiff failed to support any of her claims with evidence, no reasonable person would believe the claims were factually justified and it appeared the suit was filed for an improper purpose, the plaintiff must pay the defendants’ legal ...

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