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Exigent circumstances justified warrantless cell phone ping (access required)

Where appellant ran over his sister with her vehicle and fled the scene, exigent circumstances justified the police asking appellant’s cell phone carrier to provide real-time cell site location information (CSLI) about his phone without first obtaining a warrant. Hit ...

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Employer waived review of alternate holding (access required)

Where the Workers’ Compensation Commission ruled, in alternate holdings, that the employee’s submissions of medical bills for payment by her employer were timely under two different sections of the relevant statute and the employer only appealed one of the holdings, ...

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Acceptance of divorce agreement waived appeal (access required)

Where appellant wife claims the trial court should have granted her a continuance and allowed her to introduce evidence concerning equitable distribution and determination of assets and debts, her acceptance of a settlement agreement that was incorporated into the divorce ...

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Equitable distribution and income rulings affirmed (access required)

Where the parties have made multiple assignments of error regarding the court’s rulings on equitable distribution, valuation of property and calculating income for child support purposes, the trial court’s rulings are affirmed. Husband’s appeal Husband asserts the trial court’s apportionment ...

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