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Tag Archives: Judge Clifford L. Athey Jr.

No retroactive support under temporary agreement terms (access required)

Where the parties’ temporary agreement provided wife with lump sum and monthly payments, the trial court correctly refused to order husband to pay arrearages accrued under the agreement because wife waived her right to retroactive support in a consent order. ...

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Sufficient evidence supports grand larceny conviction (access required)

Sufficient circumstantial evidence support appellant’s conviction for grand larceny of a motor vehicle. Evidence Schafer argues that the trial court erred in convicting him of grand larceny because the evidence was insufficient to prove that he was the one who ...

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Sufficient evidence to convict for theft offenses (access required)

A detective’s identification of appellant from a security video provided sufficient evidence that appellant was involved with a burglary, grand larceny, larceny of a firearm, conspiracy to commit burglary, and credit card theft. Inference “[S]ince we conclude below that White, ...

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