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Bowel disease compensable consequence of foot injury (access required)

Where claimant injured his foot when he stepped on an automotive fastener at work, the evidence supports a determination that treating the resulting chronic infections with broad spectrum antibiotics caused him to develop inflammatory bowel disease. An award of temporary ...

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Property classified correctly in equitable division (access required)

The trial court correctly ruled that husband’s postseparation employment earnings were transmuted into marital property and properly classified a trading account as marital property. Background The parties were married in 2000. They separated and reconciled several times. The last separation ...

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Recalculation of money owed under amended PSA approved (access required)

Where this case was remanded to recalculate money due to appellant under an amended property settlement agreement, appellant’s failure to initially appeal the expert’s methodology made that methodology the law of the case. Appellant’s argument that the trial court must ...

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Experts properly testified in parental right case (access required)

Where two experts in this parental rights termination case offered opinion testimony, appellant cannot attack the testimony on the basis that they used “unreliable, unscientific, and outmoded testing methods.” Further, there was clear and convincing evidence to support the circuit ...

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Issue presented on appeal not raised in trial court (access required)

Where appellant was convicted of practicing a profession or occupation without a valid license, his conviction is affirmed because the argument he presented on appeal was never presented to the trial court. Background Two homeowners directed their real estate agent, ...

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