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Landlord had no duty to check on tenant’s welfare (access required)

Even though one of defendant landlord’s employees reported to other employees that he saw plaintiff tenant sitting in his apartment bathroom “‘not very alert’ and potentially ‘ill,’” there was no duty to check on plaintiff’s welfare. As a result, the ...

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Probable cause supported search warrant for drugs (access required)

A police officer’s affidavit provided probable cause to issue a search warrant even though the affidavit stated that the officer would execute it when he knew defendant had drugs for sale. Waiting to resupply Defendant Paige is charged with possession ...

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‘Nolle prosequi’ motion granted in marijuana case (access required)

Where the commonwealth asserts that it has insufficient evidence to prosecute defendant for possession of marijuana, this is good cause for the court to exercise its discretion and dismiss the case by granting the prosecutor’s nolle prosequi motion. However, arguments ...

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DIY Discovery (access required)


An injured plaintiff who conducted his own investigation into the design of a toilet tank lid was barred from using information he received in informal contacts with the toilet manufacturer, a judge has ruled. To allow company employees’ statements as ...

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Jury decides for son in Arlington will contest (access required)

last Will pen - FEA

An Arlington County jury has found for the son of a well-known local restaurateur in a multi-mil­lion-dollar tug-of-war over assets left after the man’s death. The case could be headed for the Supreme Court of Virginia. Tom Sarris owned restaurants ...

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