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Dead Man’s statute corroboration requirements (access required)

Where eight consolidated cases present opportunities to apply Virginia’s Dead Man’s statute, the court clarifies the statute’s corroboration requirements. Overview Estate of Lohman has been consolidated with Rosenthal/Bavely. The common thread is application of the Dead Man’s statute. “In Lohman, ...

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Cardiologist not informed of chest X-ray results — Defense verdict (access required)

Type of action: Medical malpractice Injuries alleged: Delay in diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer Name of case: Lohman v. Krishnan Court: Fairfax Circuit Court Case no.: 2017-14850 Tried before: Jury Name of judge or mediator: Judge David A. Oblon ...

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Convictions obtained by unlicensed prosecutor valid (access required)

Where the commonwealth’s attorney prosecuted defendant’s case while her license was suspended for not paying bar dues, a defense motion to set aside the guilty verdict is denied. A conviction obtained by an unlicensed prosecutor will not be voided unless ...

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Absence of prejudice: Conviction secured by unlicensed prosecutor OK (access required)

Lawyer and judge in courtroom

In a case of first impression, a Virginia circuit court has upheld a felony conviction secured by a prosecutor who was unlicensed during the trial. After reviewing similar decisions from other jurisdictions, Judge David A. Oblon of the Fairfax County ...

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Change to summary judgment procedures discussed (access required)

The General Assembly’s 2019 expansion of summary judgment procedures to allow certain business litigants to use affidavits and depositions to support summary judgment motions does not require opposing parties to file responsive affidavits or contrary deposition testimony to support a ...

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