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Locking down (access required)


Divorce cases often expose family secrets that both sides would prefer to keep out of the public eye. Allegations of infidelity, cruelty or neglect are just the most obvious. There are children’s names, friends’ names and sordid details about the ...

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Record partially sealed in nonsuited divorce case (access required)

Where wife filed a “salacious” divorce complaint, which she nonsuited after it was revealed the parties were already litigating a Florida divorce and custody action, husband’s motion to seal the record is granted in part. Overview Although the parties had ...

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Settlement terms did not include execution of release (access required)

Where the parties agreed in an email exchange to settle their suit, the term “settlement” was not ambiguous – it means “dismissal of this lawsuit” – and “no reasonable person would have attributed execution of a release to the term ...

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Attorney fees denied after split jury verdict (access required)

Even though a jury found for defendants on plaintiffs’ public nuisance claim, they are not entitled to prevailing party attorney fees because the jury rejected defendants’ counterclaim for trespass and found for plaintiffs on their common-law private nuisance claim. Background ...

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