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Settlement terms did not include execution of release

Where the parties agreed in an email exchange to settle their suit, the term “settlement” was not ambiguous – it means “dismissal of this lawsuit” – and “no reasonable person would have attributed execution of a release to the term ...

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Attorney fees denied after split jury verdict

Even though a jury found for defendants on plaintiffs’ public nuisance claim, they are not entitled to prevailing party attorney fees because the jury rejected defendants’ counterclaim for trespass and found for plaintiffs on their common-law private nuisance claim. Background ...

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Parents’ claim for damages to child in utero dismissed

Parents’ claims for medical expenses incurred on behalf of a child injured in utero were barred, as such claims are derivative of a child’s personal injury claim, and in this case no claims were brought in the child’s name. Background ...

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Nonsuit should come at start of de novo trial

A personal injury plaintiff can file a motion for nonsuit after commencement of the circuit court trial, which will annul the district court judgment and rulings. Background Mee Kim filed a personal injury action. The Fairfax general district court sustained ...

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