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Tag Archives: Judge David Bernhard

No suit for assigned percentage of note (access required)

Where plaintiff partially assigned a promissory note to another entity, plaintiff cannot sue a defaulting defendant for the assigned percentage. Overview Plaintiff Walnut Street Finance and defendant Ferguson Holdings entered into a promissory note. Defendant Devon Ferguson signed the note ...

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Judge says no portraits in courtrooms for criminal trials (access required)

A Fairfax judge has declared that when he presides over jury trials of criminal defendants, such trials “shall proceed in a courtroom devoid of portraits in the furtherance of justice.” Fair trial concerns “The Court has before it the question ...

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Bond for DWI suspect was unconstitutional (access required)

The general district court’s imposition of a $2,500 cash or surety bond as a condition of defendant’s release after being arrested for driving while intoxicated was an unconstitutional application of Virginia’s statutory bail bond scheme. As a matter of discretion, ...

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Divorce decree unaffected by California divorce order (access required)

A divorce decree entered by this court is unaffected by a California court’s divorce order that ended the marriage of plaintiff and his first spouse, even though the California order was entered after plaintiff married defendant but made nunc pro ...

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Defendant not excused from community service requirement (access required)

Although the court has the discretion to dismiss defendant’s case even though he has not completed the required 100 hours of community service, the court will instead extend the time for completing community service by six months. Background Defendant was ...

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