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Tag Archives: Judge Diana Gribbon Motz

Class certification affirmed over member’s objection (access required)

Stand out from the crowd concept

A district court properly approved the settlement of a long-running class action suit brought by life insurance policyholders, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has held. Writing for the 4th Circuit in its March 15 opinion, Judge Diana Gribbon ...

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Student’s First Amendment claim reinstated on appeal (access required)

Students walking at school

A former Williamsburg-James City County high school student’s First Amendment claim against the county’s school board was reinstated after the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found the former student’s complaint “plausibly alleges a First Amendment claim.” The court upheld ...

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Broker awarded $1.1 million for wrongful termination (access required)

Where an arbitration panel awarded a broker over $1.1 million for wrongful termination without cause, the district court erred by refusing to enforce the award. Although the employer argued that North Carolina does not recognize a claim for wrongful termination ...

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Employee’s own allegations doom his ADA claims (access required)

Where an employee confirmed in his deposition testimony that he had been “unable to work” since his relapse and failed to suggest a reasonable accommodation that would have allowed him to do so, his employer prevailed on wrongful termination and ...

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Equal Pay claim turns on wage rate, not total compensation (access required)

Where an employee alleges she was paid less than male comparators, the court should only consider an employee’s base salary or wage rate, and not additional compensation like commissions. Background This appeal arises from the district court’s grant of summary ...

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