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No jurisdiction over France.com trademark suit (access required)

Where French trial and appellate courts previously declared the French Republic, and not a California company, is the rightful owner of the domain name France.com, the French Republic was immune from France.com’s trademark and cybersquatting suit. Background In 1994, a ...

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State-sanctioned anticompetitive conduct not actionable  (access required)

Because the Virginia legislature has conferred broad authority on local governing bodies to engage in anticompetitive conduct in the EMS vehicle services market, antitrust claims against the City of Richmond, stemming from its denial of an ambulance company’s permit to ...

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Failure to raise double jeopardy not ineffective assistance (access required)

Where a defendant challenged his convictions stemming from his involvement with MS-13, the court joined other circuits in finding the Double Jeopardy Clause prohibits imposition of cumulative punishments for § 924(c) and § 924(j) convictions based on the same conduct. ...

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Panel did not disregard law in ruling for investors (access required)

Where a broker executed trades on investors’ portfolio margin accounts in clear violation of a rule of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc., or FINRA, the arbitration panel did not manifestly disregard the law by imposing liability against the broker, ...

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Wiretap orders sufficiently identified authorizing official (access required)

Although the orders authorizing wiretaps simply identified a Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Division as the authorizing official, and there are six persons who hold that title, because the specific official was named in the applications, which accompanied ...

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